Connected Solutions

Innolith’s patented  technology is ideal for a range of applications across E-Mobility and grid applications.

The Innolith battery cell technology is based on a proprietary formula that delivers unique characteristics of:

  • High energy density
  • Long cycle life
  • Wide temperature tolerances
  • 100% depth of discharge
  • Increased safety with respect to thermal runaway through non-flammable electrolyte

Innolith’s provides higher energy density battery cells with + 300Wh/kg for automotive applications.  This both extends the range of EVs and enables lower manufacturing costs as Innolith battery cells can be manufactured with existing production facilities.

The Innolith batteries are produced in the cylindrical 21700 format that is widely used across the automotive industry.  These provide high temperature tolerance to ensure that vehicles will continue to be powered on days of both extreme cold and heat with tolerance from –40°C to +60°C, without compromising on driving range.

The Innolith cells are non-flammable, and support operation over 0-100% Depth of Discharge while maintaining long cycle life.

Innolith has developed long-cycling variants of its core technology that are specifically designed for grid energy storage applications including grid-connected battery energy storage systems (BESS), off-grid BESS, residential behind the meter and backup power

The purpose-designed Innolith grid battery cells have an energy density of 220 Wh/kg while providing for over 7000 cycles during the anticipated cell lifecycle.

Urban Air            Mobility

Urban Air Mobility is a burgeoning opportunity for battery-powered flight.  Innolith’s battery cells are highly suited to this application through their combination of high energy density, wide temperature tolerance and non-flammability.

Innolith’s battery cells provide energy densities that are considerably higher than commercially available conventional high-energy li-ion. This enables significantly higher pack-level energy for Urban Air Mobility than is possible with conventional technologies.

Meeting goals for emissions-reduction means that electrification of marine propulsion systems is inevitable. Innolith’s battery cells combine high energy density and wide temperature tolerances to provide an ideal solution for marine applications.

Innolith’s battery cells is also a key consideration for marine designers in specifying battery technology for electrically powered boats and ships.