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Innolith technology uses an unconventional inorganic electrolyte. This makes it ideal for a range of applications as it delivers far greater durability as well as ensuring a much safer battery due to its fundamental non-flammability.

First generation Innolith technology has already been deployed in the US grid, where field performance was consistent with cell tests which reached over 50,000 cycles. Such cycle life equates to a fraction of the cost-per-cycle of a traditional lithium-ion battery.

Second generation Innolith technology is under development that will enable high energy density, long lifecycle and fire safe batteries





Innolith’s second generation technology provides a new path to high energy batteries. Inorganic Liquid Electrolyte removes the voltage limitation of conventional organic electrolytes, but at the same time is compatible with conventional li-ion electrode and cell designs. Additional benefits include operation to -40°C and excellent stability at elevated temperatures. As with all products using Innolith’s electrolyte, cells are non-flammable, support operation over 0-100% Depth of Discharge with good cycle life.



Innolith’s first generation technology was successfully deployed in the PJM network to provide fast frequency response services.

This first commercial implementation paved the way for Innolith to develop improved versions of the technology, in particular high energy batteries.

Innolith’s technology can therefore cover the entire range of applications from Power to Energy, both in stationary and mobile applications.



Innolith GridBanks

Innolith’s first generation Inorganic technology was successfully demonstrated from 2017 until 2020 in a commercial application, providing fast frequency regulation in the PJM network in USA.

  • Non Flammable
  • >50,000 charge cycles
  • High power (>2MW)
  • GW scalable storage
  • Fast charge and discharge (2C/2C) with0 to 100% depth of discharge



Few industries are more focused on safety and weight reduction than Aerospace. Innolith’s non-flammable electrolyte technology provides a technically solid answer to fire and explosion risk. First cell types based on Innolith’s second generation electrolyte will provide cell-level energy densities that are higher than commercially available conventional high-energy li-ion. The combination of high cell-level energy density and reduction of system-level measures to contain fire-risk enables significantly higher pack-level energy densities than possible with conventional technologies.



Historically dominated by lead-acid batteries, users of backup batteries are increasingly interested in moving to lithium-based technologies to save space and have more flexibility with charge / discharge characteristics. Innolith’s technology is very suitable for this market, as it allows the advantages of li-ion batteries to be delivered as a non-flammable system. Large conventional li-ion batteries may be considered an unacceptable fire or explosion risk in some UPS / backup power applications.



Meeting goals for emissions-reduction means that electrification of marine propulsion systems is inevitable. Whether electric-only or diesel-electric-hybrid drivetrains, ship builders need safe, durable and high energy batteries. Innolith’s technology can provide non-flammable solutions for a wide range of high power and high energy applications.




Innolith’s technology is likely to be the technology of choice for any application where non-flammable, high energy or high throughput batteries are required.