Connected Solutions

The rapidly changing patterns of energy creation and consumption place the grid under immense strain and at risk of failure.

Electricity from photovoltaics, wind and other renewables is unpredictable due to input peaks as the wind speed rises or the sun shines. The substitution of coal, oil, gas and nuclear with renewable energy as the base load is not possible without storage.

The recharging of electric vehicles will place a serious strain on distribution networks and could cause disruptions unless action is taken through energy storage to stabilise the grid.

Innolith’s technology can help solve these problems by keeping the grid stable. Innolith’s batteries are integrated into systems that will deliver the rapid response time and high power required to stabilize the grid.

The specific intervention services that are performed to stabilise grids include:

  • Frequency regulation – to keep the grid frequency within required limits.
  • Demand response – using storage to match supply with demand and prevent outages.
  • Spinning reserve –on-line reserve capacity that is synchronized to the grid system and ready to meet electric demand.
  • “Clean Peak” replacement of gas or oil-fired peaker plants with batteries.