Jan 31st, 2019

Innolith, a leading Swiss energy technology company, has won the 2019 Rushlight Awards for its innovative new battery technology platform. The awards were presented at last night’s Rushlight Awards show at the Royal Society in London, where clean tech companies and universities from across Europe presented their innovations. Innolith was also the winner of the Rushlight Energy Efficiency Award for the innovation that best manages energy in such a way that less energy needs to be generated.

Innolith’s batteries use an inorganic electrolyte that delivers far greater durability, but also ensures a safer battery that is fundamentally non-flammable. This is in contrast to organic lithium-ion batteries that have limited usable lives and have caused multiple fires in consumer devices and grid applications. The low cost-per-cycle batteries will have multiple important applications for the future of energy including grid stabilisation, support for the integration of renewables and supporting the recharging of the rapidly growing fleets of electric vehicles.

About Rushlight Awards

The Rushlight Awards support and promote the latest clean technologies, innovations, initiatives and deployment projects for businesses and other organisations.  The Rushlight Awards are designed to highlight innovation, initiatives and the holistic environmental benefit of technologies that are most likely to or are already creating a real impact in the market, they are a means of disseminating the successes to support further development.

About Innolith

Innolith AG is an energy technology company, headquartered in Basel Switzerland, that is pioneering an inorganic battery technology platform which provides high power, long cycle-life and safe batteries. Innolith conducts primary research at its labs in Bruchsal, Germany and its technology is already deployed on the PJM network in the US for frequency regulation.