Oct 9th, 2018

Innolith, a leading battery technology company, has opened its global headquarters in Basel having established Swiss firm Innolith AG as the parent company for the organisation. Innolith AG will recruit employees for key corporate roles, including finance, human resources, supply chain, business development and senior management, to be located at the Basel offices.

Innolith is the developer of new battery technologies that will be used in electrical grid and other energy storage applications. The company has invented a unique inorganic electrolyte platform, the first commercial application of which is a non-flammable, high power battery capable of over 50,000 charge-discharge cycles. Unlike today’s conventional lithium-ion batteries which use a flammable organic electrolyte, Innolith’s technology is based on non-flammable, inorganic materials which remove both the fire risk and the principal source of chemical instability.

Innolith AG will oversee and work with its research and development subsidiary Innolith Science & Technology GmbH that is based in Bruchsal, Germany.

“The world needs a new generation of batteries that are safe, powerful and long-lasting,” explains Innolith AG Chairman Alan Greenshields. “Our battery technology delivers each of these attributes and is set to transform energy storage. We are now ready to commercialise our technology and Basel, with its highly skilled workforce and established chemical-industry supplier base is the logical location for the headquarters of Innolith.”

Innolith’s technology is already being used to provide grid-scale frequency regulation in the US. As the technology is developed further, it will be applied to other applications in power grids, helping prevent electricity fluctuations and outages. Increases in solar and wind generation are placing new strains on power grids, which will become more severe still as new applications such as electrical vehicle charging are implemented. Advanced batteries are ideally suited to support grids in meeting these new challenges. .

About Innolith

Innolith AG is an energy technology company, headquartered in Basel Switzerland, that is pioneering an inorganic battery technology platform which provides high power, long cycle-life and safe batteries. Innolith conducts primary research at its labs in Bruchsal, Germany and its technology is already deployed on the PJM network in the US for frequency regulation.

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