Aug 14th, 2018

Laurent Zinck has over 18 years’ of experience in research and development of lithium batteries and is the specialist for inorganic liquid electrolyte systems for rechargeable lithium batteries. His work has been dedicated to new concepts of inorganic nonflammable lithium battery chemistries.

Laurent is Chief Scientist for the international team responsible for Innolith’s breakthrough battery technology and Managing Director of Innolith’s R&D laboratory and pilot production in Germany. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Innolith AG.

After earning his engineering degree from the University of Strasbourg, Laurent completed a doctorate in electrochemistry at the University of Witten-Herdecke for his work with lithium-ion batteries. This doctorate focused on rechargeable devices that utilize inorganic components which would much safer and longer lasting than previously available. This research led directly to the first non-flammable lithium accumulator based on inorganic electrolyte, a technology that has now reached production readiness.

Laurent has continued his fundamental research into electrochemistry and, together with his team, works continuously to improve Innolith’s technology further. He has invented numerous patented technologies.

Breakthough innovations:
First lithium-ion chemistry using inorganic electrolyte and showing stable cycling behavior (2007)
Introduction of 3D-electrode design to allow cost-efficient large-scale production (2013)