Brighter Technology

Innolith is the only company in the energy storage market that has a deep and proven understanding of inorganic battery technology. Innolith has an unrivalled intellectual property and patent portfolio for the application of inorganic electrolytes for rechargeable batteries. This is based on 20 years of R&D, which represents hundreds of millions of Euros in investment.

Innolith uses a highly structured approach to R&D that has enabled fundamental discoveries to be made and breakthrough solutions to be delivered. Innolith research is focused on determining the underlying properties of materials to understand their behaviour in an inorganic environment. Its deep science approach led to the breakthrough discovery of a safe, stable electrolyte system that has been used to build high power and low-fade grid scale batteries.

Use of the inorganic electrolyte enables Innolith’s batteries to be both long-lasting and safe.  In its first application Innolith’s electrolyte has been used to create a highly durable battery with almost no power fade over tens of thousands of cycles.   This initial battery also has the advantage of being safe from the risks of combustion because the electrolyte will never catch fire.


Innolith has created an entirely new rechargeable battery technology platform based on inorganic electrolyte. Innolith has built batteries which have been tested over 50,000 cycles at half-hour charge / half-hour discharge with 0 to 100% depth of discharge.

The inorganic electrolyte also means that the batteries are non-combustible and therefore much safer than the highly flammable organic Li-ion batteries in widespread use today.

Innolith’s first product is a high-power battery which is ideally suited to energy buffering applications such as grid frequency regulation.

Innolith’s R&D team in Bruchsal Germany is currently working on several new versions of the system with higher energy densities.

GridBanks are Innolith’s first grid battery solution. Built into a shipping container they meet the needs of power utility companies in terms of scalability and longevity.

  • Non Flammable
  • >50,000 charge cycles
  • High power (>2MW)
  • GW scalable storage
  • Fast charge and discharge (2C/2C) for 0 to 100% depth of discharge
  • Safety battery with no combustion risk