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Innolith is a battery technology company which is pioneering an entirely new and safe battery technology platform.

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, with research and development labs in Bruchsal, Germany, Innolith’s innovation has led to a new class of inorganic battery electrolytes. The technology has already been field-proven in the provision of fast frequency response services in the US power grid.

In 2019, Innolith demonstrated new breakthroughs which expand the capabilities of the technology to also support high energy batteries.  This offers a new path to meeting the requirements of aerospace, automotive and other applications where higher energy density is needed.

This Second Generation version of Innolith’s electrolyte pushes the technical limit for li-ion batteries to over 5V while at the same time demonstrating unprecedented stability and operating temperature range. First products using this technology will combine Innolith’s Second Generation electrolyte with standard cathode materials, with the new electrolyte allowing higher capacities to be used. Going forward, both voltage and electrochemical stability are enablers for new advanced cathodes which are typically unstable in conventional organic electrolyte systems.



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