Brighter Technology

Innolith’s R&D team has amassed unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge on inorganic electrolyte systems, with the core team focusing on this area for 20 years. Innolith has a large and growing portfolio of know-how and intellectual property on applying inorganic electrolytes to rechargeable batteries.

Innolith uses a highly structured approach to R&D that has enabled fundamental discoveries to be made and breakthrough solutions to be delivered. Innolith research is focused on determining the underlying properties of materials to understand their behaviour in an inorganic environment. Its deep science approach led to the breakthrough discovery of a safe, stable electrolyte system.

Inorganic electrolyte not only removes the fire risk present in conventional li-ion batteries. The same organic solvents responsible for flammability risk are also responsible for a range of unwanted side-reactions and technical limits with conventional li-ion batteries. Eliminating these has allowed Innolith to build power batteries with unprecedented cycle life and energy throughput.


Innolith has extended the electrolyte capabilities to enable high energy batteries, with a new version which is stable to over 5V. The new high voltage, high energy electrolyte has demonstrated unprecedented stability with NMC type cathodes, opening up a new era of non-flammable high energy batteries.

This stability of the second generation of inorganic electrolyte allows standard metal-oxide cathodes to be operated at higher voltages and higher capacities, thereby removing the technical limit on energy density presented by conventional organic electrolyte.