Reduce, reuse, recycle. and repeat

Sustainability for us in not negotiable. We set out to be sustainable from the start. It is what we do, it is who we are.

We are championing a circular future, where waste battery cells are taken out of the equation. Where after a long life, our batteries have another one. And another one. With our advanced circular economy innovations, our battery parts literally can last—and work—forever.
Truly sustainable batteries just became a reality.

Less cathode materials


less active materials per kWh, incl. scarce metals
(i.e. cobalt, nickel, lithium)



re-using the waste of major polluters as electrolyte solvent



recyclable electrolyte salt and solvent



less quantity of scarce metals used per kWh


Less really is more

Compared with conventional battery cells, our battery uses 20% less active materials per kWh—those very precious, rare-earth metals. In order to reduce the carbon footprint linked to the transportation of the materials, we use 100% locally produced electrolyte.

We aim to establish climate neutral manufacturing by 2026.
That means EV owners using our battery cells can drive from A to B more sustainably.



That’s right—our technology uses fully recyclable electrolyte. As part of this circular economy effort, we are working with key steel and mining industry players in Germany and worldwide, so SO2 waste can be safely reused in our battery cell production. This could reuse up to 5% of all the man-made SO2 waste by 2035 if mass-adopted globally. Cool, right?

EU Green Deal provision

We take circular economy as a responsibility but equally, as a great opportunity. This approach is not only allowing us to source fully recycled and recyclable electrolyte.
We are set to help the biggest SO2 emitters from mining, steel manufacturing, energy industries to reuse their waste responsibly, contributing to decarbonisation of their operations. With these partnership prospects, we are expanding our value chain and collaboration horizons well beyond battery cell industry.



We are already leveraging over 70% recycled materials. But we won’t stop there. We invented the sole electrolyte system which can be easily and fully recovered in line with upcoming EU regulations with a strong focus on circular economy. This is our next frontier, a world first. We stay fully committed to 100% renewable energy in our manufacturing and determined to raise the bar on battery recyclability for ourselves and the industry.