Innolith’s I-State Battery Technology Wins Green Product Award


I-State Battery Scoops Top Mobility Prize at Global Green Product Awards

Basel, Switzerland, 27th March 2023: Innolith, a leader in the development of next-generation battery cell technologies for use in electric vehicles and e-mobility applications, announces today that its I-State battery technology has been awarded the Mobility Prize at the Green Product Awards. This prestigious award recognises I-State’s potential contribution to global sustainability.

The international Green Product Award recognises products and services that contribute to sustainability through innovation & design and has been awarded since 2013. For 2023, Innolith’s I-State battery technology has been selected for the Mobility Award, which acknowledges transformative technologies that assist the global energy transition. Participants from 40 countries submitted a record 1300 entries to the 2023 Green Product Awards, demonstrating the importance of ideas, products, concepts and materials in shaping a more sustainable future.

The Innolith I-State was selected as the winner of the Green Products Awards’ Mobility Prize for its potential to enable Mass E-mobility and was praised by the organisers for delivering a battery cell that is “green, safe, low cost, long range, fast and proven”.

“We are honoured our I-State battery technology has been identified as a first-in-class sustainable mobility product,” said Konstantin Solodovnikov, CEO of Innolith. “This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in developing a new battery technology that does not only improve EV range and performance but also reduces cost and lowers the environmental impact of battery production and usage. We are excited about the potential of I-State to further the EV industry and create a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.”

Innolith’s I-State battery technology uses an innovative inorganic liquid electrolyte that allows it to operate at higher voltages than traditional Li-ion battery cells. This capability allows the I-State battery to deliver an increase in energy density, while also significantly reducing fire safety risks and improving performance in low and high temperatures. Besides being non-flammable, I-State electrolyte is recyclable, adding another advantage over the traditional Li-ion.

The technology reduces the amount of cathode metals used in the cell and lowers the cost of EV batteries vs traditional Li-ion with the same cathodes used either with Graphite or Silicon anodes. This cost saving translates into a reduction in EV costs, bringing them closer to the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. The reduction in lithium, cobalt, and nickel usage addresses environmental (lower CO2 footprint) whilst easing supply constraints for green metals.

About Innolith

Innolith AG is a battery technology company, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, that develops batteries for electric vehicles and other e-mobility applications. Innolith runs one of the world’s leading battery research programmes at its labs in Bruchsal, Germany, where it is pioneering a next generation battery technology based on a proprietary liquid inorganic electrolyte that delivers low-cost cells with high energy density along with higher safety and temperature performance.

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