Partner With Us

Innolith partners with both battery cell producers and manufacturers using batteries to provide a suite of full cell battery technologies and services.  This includes the supply of Innolith’s inorganic electrolyte which can enable them to achieve higher energy density, ensure non-flammability, deliver long cycle-life and provide superior temperature range of their batteries.

Companies interested in discussing the licensing of technology or supply of electrolyte can contact Innolith at

Innolith supports its battery and manufacturing partners through the following services:

1) Collaboration in R&D of a full battery cell (cylindrical 21700, prismatic or proprietary formats)

2) Supply to Innolith of active material (anode, cathode), electrodes, separators, connectors, etc. or dry cells for testing

3) Contractual production of cell parts in accordance with Innolith specifications

4) Manufacturing partnership of a full battery cell, including licensing

5) Supply/purchase of electrolyte for battery cell manufacturing.


Cylindrical 21700 format batteries.  Innolith has developed its technology further to support the use of its non-flammable electrolyte in foil-based electrodes with first implementation planned for the 21700 format.


Innolith provides its non-flammable, high energy density technology will also be implemented in standard prismatic formats as favoured by some EV producers.


Innolith has also developed its own proprietary battery form factor for its first-generation technology that has been used extensively in frequency regulation markets in the US.